Guide to Hiking Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

The Grand Canyon is one of the world’s most glorious sites. It’s but one of the”Seven Natural Wonders,” cutting 277 miles through significant desert and woods of Northern Arizona. From east to west, the canyon shows indescribable mauve and canyon lands. The Grand Canyon yawns a mile deep and 18 miles wide. The Grand Canyon is visited by Over four million people every year. Most go to lodges or the easy-to-reach campgrounds at Grand Canyon’s central and eastern regions. A trip to the west of the Grand Canyon seems travelers . Just those walkers ready for teetering climbs and falls of the canyon must travel the roads which lead to Havasu Falls, also called Havasupai down.

Plan the Hike

The increase to the stunning Havasupai palaces situated at the western end of the Grand Canyon starts at a remote hilltop more than 60 miles away from the closest town. That is a trek challenge for anyone on every day, but times and hot summer months raises the difficulty. The increase across the Havasupai reservation trail is limited to hikers make reservations.

Guide to Hiking Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

Travel Arrangements

Make a hike reservation. Six months is not too far ahead. Call the Havasupai Tourism Office to reserve the increase and pay the charges. An entry fee is paid by Every individual along with a group maintenance fee that is environmental. Reserve a space in the Havasupai Lodge or even a campsite at the Exact Same time. With no reservation, the fee is paid by visitors. Hikers with luggage can arrange for transport for a small charge.

The Hike to Supai

Peach Springs, about 66 miles away in the Hualapai Hilltop and the start of the trail, winds to get there at the Kaibab Plateau. A few miles before arrival in Hualapai Hilltop, the road falls into a canyon that is smaller. There are no bathrooms or accessibility to potable water in the trail’s head, but take note of their helipad or corrals. Hikers examine parking and the street are busy at late afternoon and in daylight While this is a remote location. About 500 people visit here each day. Taking into consideration the terrain it would be sensible to be sure that your car insurance coverage involves some kind of roadside assistance.

Guide to Hiking Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

To the Havasupai Falls

By Hualapai Hilltop, the trail descends at steep switchbacks. Over the very first mile, the trail drops 1,100 feet . As the slope of 900 feet happens within the seven mile distance the descent does not abruptly change. Prior to reaching the village, with no shade bring enough water each person.  As it traces the creek along the canyon the trail gets narrow. When a mule attempts to maneuver hikers along this particular stretch, stand in the trail to allow it to pass. Mules possess the right-of-way along the trail.

When to Go

At the village, then check with the tourist area. There are supplies, limited markets, and beverages available.

Past the corrals and follow the trail to achieve Havasupai Falls along with the relaxing campground about two kilometers off. Hikers find a water spigot and a spring for purifying drinking water. The trail gets more dangerous to Mooney Falls on the way. Hikers must descend with only chain handrails through hard and ladders travertine steps to reach the falls and beyond. The four mile increase beyond the falls leads anglers to Beaver Falls. There are numerous water creek crossings to traverse on the way. Past Beaver Falls, another four miles of the trail brings hikers.

Temperatures reach 100 degrees Fahrenheit by May. Begin the increase at light because hikers are exposed to sunlight for the length of the hike if hiking in the Northern Rim. May and October will be the months because the weather is mildest.

Lightning, thunder and August and july monsoon rains are demonstrations of nature’s power. Temperatures fall in late summer, so it is necessary to travel with storm equipment. Access to the Northern Rim is more difficult from the snowstorm year from January to March.

Guide to Hiking Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon

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Guide to Hiking Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon